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CxC: Communication Across the Curriculum

About Communication across the Curriculum (CxC)

As the first program of its kind in the nation, LSU CxC is a multimodal, multifaceted program that works to improve the writing, speaking, visual, and technological communication skills of undergraduates. Launched in 2005, LSU CxC equally emphasizes instruction in all four modes of communication while respecting the variations in style and genres within the disciplines. The unique LSU CxC model provides a holistic approach to undergraduate student learning by integrating certified courses within the disciplines, faculty development and training initiatives, student support and extracurricular workshops, and student recognition across the curriculum.


The College of Music & Dramatic Arts features several “C-I” courses across programs in Theatre and Music. Communication-Intensive (C-I) courses in the College of Music & Dramatic Arts exist where the instructor has chosen to emphasize two of CxC’s four modes of communication: writing, speaking, visual or technological. These courses aren’t taken “in addition” to anything that already exists in your course of study; rather, C-I courses are embedded in classes from your natural chosen program of study.

Distinguished Communicator (D-Comm) Program

LSU Distinguished Communicators (D-Comms) is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession. Candidates are required to build a digital portfolio, demonstrating proficiency in written, spoken, visual, and technological communication. They must also show successful use of their communication skills in leadership roles and community service. Upon successful completion of the program, these students possess the competitive skills and knowledge needed for 21st century leadership. This coveted designation becomes part of official transcripts and give the certified graduate significant leverage in today’s job market. For more info on this program and its requirements, contact program coordinator Joey Watson or visit here:

LSU/CxC Digital Media Fest

Digital Media Fest was started by Joey Watson in 2007 and has expanded into a large celebration of LSU students who are producing intellectual and creative work using forms of digital media, in and out of the classroom. An annual event, Digital Media Fest is sponsored by CxC.
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Digital Media Center

Located in M&DA 244, the Digital Media Center (DMC) is home base for CxC and digital media initiatives in the College of Music & Dramatic Arts. The Center offers technological resources such as video & audio recording equipment as well as studio access to Mac computers and helpful discipline specific software such as Finale, Sibelius, Final Cut Pro, and more. The DMC also provides feedback and planning for any communication project. If you can dream it, we can likely help make it happen. Students and Faculty working with C-I courses are encouraged to use the space, but any student in the college may access the studio and its resources.

Internet Video Streaming & DVD creation

The DMC provides these services for a nominal fee. Please come in and make an appointment with us within three weeks of your event to make arrangements.

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For now, questions and inquiries can be made to Joe Skillen.