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Annual Fund


Why We Give

We have for many years enjoyed the performing arts at LSU – from individual student recitals to beautifully staged major operas; from solo theater-student plays to major classic theatrical works including the works of Shakespeare. And we are aware that scholarship funds are needed to attract great students, opera sets and costumes cost money, and even great pianos do not tune themselves. Thus, we are pleased to provide a modicum of financial support to the LSU College of Music and Dramatic Arts each year to ensure we can continue to self-indulge in great music, great theater, and great opera at LSU, and can help nurture the training of the great performing artists of the future!

About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund of the College of Music & Dramatic Arts (CMDA) provides necessary educational and professional prospects to advance our performing arts students at LSU.

Our students need a broad array of opportunities to hear guest speakers, be able to extend their art to unique venues, travel to important conferences that address emerging trends in the performing arts, and engage in other activities that stretch their talents and ignite their curiosity. This will allow them to increase their capacity to negotiate collective creativity, elicit different goals and interests—in themselves and others-and participate in integrative problem solving.

In 2013, there is also a need to provide collaborative opportunities among the members of our creative community—opportunities that go beyond the classroom and into other universities and the community at large.

Experiences outside of the classroom, studio or stage provide our students with a well- rounded education that will equip them with the broad range of skills to be successful artist-citizens in the 21st century. Thank you for considering a gift to sustain excellence and boost opportunities for our faculty and students.

Say Yes to Creativity!

Support the CMDA Annual Fund! Gifts received by June 30, 2013, will help us finish this fiscal year strong!

How You Can Contribute

For giving inquiries, please contact

Krista Allen

Senior Director of Development
LSU Foundation
146 Hodges Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Of ce: (225) 578-6441
Cell: (504) 610-6699