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Marketing Project Request

CMDA Marketing and Communications

Why this form?

To enable the CMDA Marketing Department to manage the scheduling and creation of all marketing and publicity requests from CMDA administration, faculty and staff for CMDA branding, SOM and SOT marketing needs in a timely and accurate manner.

This ensures that we know all your marketing needs plus provides all the event information or documents, performer biography, pieces performed and/or photos for events, festivals, fundraising outreach, CMDA recruitment, seasonal performance guides and other marketing such as advertising or publicity needed for the project.

Which projects?

Need a poster or a flyer? Website event page update or bio update? Want a photo taken of you or your event? All marketing, publicity and photography needs for print, digital or various media should be communicated to CMDA Marketing via submission of this form.

Project Status Emails

To keep you informed of the status of your project, you will get three emails: (1) project receipt (2) project in queue/in process and (3) project completed

Send it in early!

Preparation is the key to successful projects. The earlier you can start the process, the better, especially if your project is new. Click here to see examples of timelines and types of marketing we create for different types of projects.

The 3-step marketing request process

  1. Read the information above, so you understand the process, know why this form helps us to help you and how far in advance you need to submit the form.
  2. Fill out the CMDA Marketing Project Request form below!
  3. Be aware of the status of your projects based on the three project status emails (confirmed and in the queue, project in process, and completed).

Marketing Request Form

(descriptive, relevant name - e.g., information for Oct. 12 choral event, advertisement for high school recruiting, new headshot photo, Disgraced Dress Rehearsal Photos, etc.)
This will go on promotional materials.
For example, piano accompanist

Important note

After filling out this form, your request will be reviewed by the marketing department to determine what we can produce for you.
You will receive an email receipt when you fill out this form, and updates when its approval status has changed; when your project is in progress; and when it has been completed. Thank you in advance!

Describe the background/basic info for this project (e.g., to build awareness or sell tickets - copy/language should NOT go here).
(E.g., high school students, patrons, donors, young ticket holders)

Upload Files!

Below, you can upload multiple files, such as program insert, ad copy, biographies, photos, and more! The maximum file upload size is 5mb.

Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB
Guest bios, headshots, group photos and anything else needed for this project!
Please put all copy, language, text, etc., here. Don't forget things like the date, time, location, and cost of your event; a general blurb or statement; photos you would like to use; songs or pieces being performed, special guests, etc.
Strongly recommended: 6-8 weeks prior to event; time is dependent on complexity of project
Final draft deadline should be three weeks prior to the event to allow for time to distribute materials; a final draft deadline of two weeks or less from today's date will require Sheryl Spann's authorization.
Include emails if listed persons are not part of the CMDA.
Please include names and emails
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 20.97MB

Didn’t get a confirmation receipt? Please check your spam folder, and then let us know at or if you do not receive a confirmation receipt.