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Pellar Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Project

The Janice H. Pellar Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Project

The Janice H. Pellar Creative Arts Entrepreneurship Project is an innovative approach to teaching transferable skills to performing arts students. As society has moved from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, the demand for employees with creative skills such as multi-tasking, high attention to detail, collaborative working and non-linear thinking seems to be an affirming niche in an uncertain economic future.

The project formally aligned with the efforts of CxC in 2012, as creativity and entrepreneurship skills are likewise rooted in strong communication competency.

About Janice H. Pellar

Janice Harvey Pellar earned her BME in 1973 from the LSU School of Music. Prior to graduation, she worked part time at EMCO, a business founded by her late father, Jim Harvey. During her years with EMCO, she developed a unique and thorough understanding of the company by working in various positions from billing clerk to service supervisor. In 1987, she was named vice president and general manager. Upon retirement of her father in 1988, she was named president, and worked until recently as the chief operating officer of EMCO. Pellar attributes her LSU education in music and her strict, disciplined regimen as a skilled artist to her success as a businesswoman. Janice Pellar is currently Chair Emeritus of EMCO.

Pellar Creative Arts Fellows

Through an application and screening process, students from both Schools of Theatre and Music were selected to be the first members of this organization. This highly motivated, energetic, and creative group explores ways to hone their arts skills through both social and commercial entrepreneurial activities. They attend workshops and plan events that build upon their skills both in and out of the classroom.

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