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Bill Kelley

Bill Kelley

Recording Engineer

School of Music
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2504
P: 225-578-2654
F: 225-578-2562

Bill Kelley came to audio engineering while earning degrees in music composition. His music is most likely to be discovered in museums and art galleries than the traditional music venues.

In May 2009, Kelley founded Audio Research Vehicle… a weekly creative musicians improvisation workshop. Audio Research Vehicle has spawned a sextet called “The Incense Merchants” with whom Kelley plays keyboards. Music of the Incense Merchants can be heard at

Other works by Kelley can be heard on his website at

Kelley is the founder of (in 2005), a very succesful arts organization in Baton Rouge. He stepped down in March of 2009 as Chairman.

Kelley earned an MFA from Mills College in Oakland, CA where he studied with David Rosenboom, Robert Ashley, and Anthony Braxton.

Kelley has written and directed several multi-media operettas. Collaborations with his wife, Kelli Scott Kelley and other artists are vital to his output, generating multi-media performance works including The Lake Project (performed on a lake in Splendora, Texas); Aqua Pura (at Rice University); and films including the surreal Bird and Squirrel (2009) and Plantationland, which premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.